Haunted by that occasional possessed installation? Heed the advice of the Cable Guy!

Contributor: Video Experts The most common call we receive on a daily recurrence is that of the “possessed” installation, the installation that chugged along perfectly, without a glitch for over a year, but now has fallen prey to the CCTV Gremlins. The system exhibits an intermittent operation, working fine for […]

Back Focus Procedure

1. Aim the camera at a subject at least 12 feet away, in the worst case, beyond the minimum focus distance for the lens. The subject should provide you with sharp, easily recognizable features so that you can easily see when the subject is in focus. 2. Make sure the […]

Catch the Wave… Don’t get sunk!

Contributor: Video Experts The latest wave in CCTV systems is the miniature dome camera. Why settle for a fixed field of view when you can go for 360°? Not to mention up and down. These feature packed little miracles of modern technology when correctly installed can provide many years of […]

Perplexing Multiplexing

Multiplexer! Does that word worry you? Does it make you tremble just a little? When you hear that word do you suddenly develop a headache? If you answered yes to any of these questions read on, as I have the cure for your multiplexer woes. The modern multiplexer is a […]

Time Lapse VCR’s

The Time Lapse VCR is the one item in any system requiring the most maintenance. It is a mechanical menace, coupled to a CPU based controller and most often, left forgotten in a hostile environment (the average office). Time Lapse recorders are however the backbone of most CCTV systems and […]

Lightning, Cameras, Action…

Contributor: Video Experts It’s your choice, a happy ending or a real shocker! Lets face it, I don’t think any installation out there could withstand a direct hit, it’s the voltage surge or spike we have a chance to prevent. I will list and discuss some typical installation problems and […]

Sony Time Lapse Recorder’s Error Code Table

We have been getting quite a few calls lately, inquiring about Sony Recorder Error Codes. It seems that the codes were never printed in the operation manuals. So here they are… Sony Error Codes for Models SVT-150, SVT-L200, SVT-L400, SVT-3050, SVT-S3100 and SVT-5050. Sample Indicator display If tape movement stops […]

Gyyr Time Lapse VCR Maintenance Suggestions

Company: GYYR Contributor: Dan Dionne Ensuring the Integrity of Recorded Video – Maximizing the effectiveness of higher density recording technology Triple density recorders are high performance products. Just like high performance automobiles – they require high-octane fuel and frequent tune-ups to operate at peak efficiency. The use of high quality […]

Multiplexer Application & Troubleshooting Guide

Introduction Can you get anything out of an applications and troubleshooting guide if you are not the technical type? I hope so. There are many technical explanations in this book which are designed to be understood by anyone who wants to know more about what multiplexers do. Each application reviewed […]

Quads vs. Multiplexers

Contributor: Paul Broome Company: Sensormatic Video Products Division What is the difference between a Quad and a Multiplexer? They both allow us to display and record multiple cameras. Which is better? The answer depends on the application. A little history will help us to understand how both products arrived on […]

Picture Quality: A Pixel is worth a thousand words…

Contributor: Paul Broome Company: Sensormatic Video Products Division And it could take a thousand words to explain the various terms used to describe the quality of a CCTV image. There is a lot of confusion out there. You hear terms like; Scan Lines, TV Lines, Lines of Resolution, Digital Images, […]

Tape Usage

Contributor: Harvey Taylor Company: Gyyr   Recognize the picture? What may appear like a surrealistic scene of a future city from a science fiction novel is in reality a TLC1800 transport covered with tape oxide. The problem? The customer probably used a non recommended video cassette or overused the video […]

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